Are You Kidding?

No way! That was my first reaction to the idea of building our own home.  We had been looking for a place for a while with no luck, but building, ugh!  I’d heard all the nightmarish stories about unscrupulous trades, escalating costs, blown budgets and costly delays, and had no interest in putting myself through that stress…

My New House

Mmmm, the smell of fresh lumber!

So we bought a lot and built a house – that’s a whole nother story.  This blog is about the important stuff – my new garden!

It was the size of the lots that seduced me, and the greenbelt behind us.  Oh, it’s not the acreage I’ve dreamed of, but compared to most of the new developments around here the yard is generous, at 1295 square metres (.32 acres).

I knew that I would have to battle critters, there is a healthy population of deer, a growing faction of rabbit, and a bold band of bear hungry for the produce I wanted to grow.  So my first major expenditure was a six-foot plus solid cedar fence.  The deer don’t jump it (though they easily could) because they can’t see in here and the scent of my two dogs puts them off.  I attached chicken wire to the bottom of the fence and dug it into the ground to prevent the rabbits gaining access to my vegetable patch, or whatever else they may want to eat.  I’m a little concerned about the bear though, I will have to pick my fruit promptly when it ripens so they don’t climb the fence to get at it!  At least I’m confident the fence won’t collapse if they do pay me a visit, the 6×6 yellow cedar posts and sturdy construction should stand up to the little black bear that live here.

new fence

Shiny new fence, and a few of the many plants that moved here with us.


About hortophile

I am a very opinionated, slightly obsessed gardener with decades of experience in the retail nursery industry. A lucky resident of the "Wet Coast" of British Columbia I tread a muddy path between practicality and beauty, with my veggie patch, herb garden and fruits vying for position with the beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers that I can't resist. DON'T ask me to choose between them! I believe in environmental responsibility and common sense.
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