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Jodi’s Leek Soup

As requested, here is my sister’s recipe for delicious leek soup.  This recipe inspired me to try growing leeks.  I found them really easy to grow and low maintenance too; they just sit in the garden all winter and I … Continue reading

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Walking Onions

A couple of years ago a friend gave me some Walking Onions.  A plant of many names, they are also known as: Egyptian Walking Onions, Mennonite Walking Onions, Tree Onions, Egyptian Tree Onions, Top Onions, Winter Onions, or Perennial Onions.  … Continue reading

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My New Herb Garden

My new herb garden is an indispensable part of my new garden.  I absolutely love cooking with fresh herbs.  They can transform a humdrum dish into a gourmet delight, and raise the level of my mediocre culinary skills considerably.  Plus … Continue reading

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Roasted Tomatoes

What do you do with too many tomatoes?  Some people make sauce, can them or dry them; there are a multitude of methods of preserving tomatoes.  My favourite thing to do with a glut of love-apples is roast them. To … Continue reading

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Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

Well, it is January after all; I guess I should expect cold.  But I’m still used to the warmth of Maui and resisting the adjustment back to winter temperatures.  Compared to the rest of Canada our winters on the west … Continue reading

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New Year’s Garden Resolutions

I usually avoid making New Year’s Resolutions.  Rather than make a bunch of unrealistic promises to myself I have no intention of following through on, I slide into each New Year overfed by the holiday season, in a relaxed stupor. … Continue reading

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