New Year’s Garden Resolutions

I usually avoid making New Year’s Resolutions.  Rather than make a bunch of unrealistic promises to myself I have no intention of following through on, I slide into each New Year overfed by the holiday season, in a relaxed stupor.

As I recline on my cosy couch, well on my way to achieving midwinter nirvana through a solid twelve hours of sleep in each twenty-four, I feel sorry for those poor souls submitting themselves to such gruelling trials as polar bear swims, joining new gyms, and starving to become slim.

When the days lengthen noticeably (late January/early February at this latitude) I will feel the first stirrings of restlessness.  Suddenly there will still be light in the sky when I’ve finished my supper, or as I drag my carcass from bed in the morning the darkness will be receding and I will begin to muse about the spring to come.

This is the time of year when I am inspired to make resolutions!

Those tempting seed catalogues are beckoning, what new things shall I try this year?  I have made a point of trying new varieties of my favourite crops for many years, as well as sampling a few completely new edibles, with wildly varying degrees of success.  I’d like to claim that I’ve documented my trials and tracked my results, but no, I’m not at all organized, and rely on my memory far too much.

Perhaps my first resolution should be to remedy this, actually record and track at least what I grow in my veggie garden.  But then I would have to plot the whole yard, as I have edibles spread around in my ornamental plantings.  Sounds like too much work!

From a distance the weeds are lush 🙂

I should probably make some sort of resolution about weeding, like; “I resolve to keep my garden weed free all the way through the summer this year”.  Every year I lose control at some point and ten billion weeds grow to fruition, spreading their copious and virile seeds, roots, or spores freely.  But I hate to make resolutions I know I will break.  I have a life other than gardening after all, and come July and August I might want to do some camping or visit some family or something fun like that.

Resolving to control my garden spending would be a very good idea.  Barring any major catastrophes, this is one I should be able to keep.  Most of the landscaping is installed, and I don’t think I’ll be embarking on my next big project (the new greenhouse) this year.  I will be saving my pennies a while for that one unless one of my lottery tickets pays off!

So, where does that leave me?  I have resolved to eschew organization.  Commitment to upkeep will interfere with my plans for recreation, but I will try to refrain from blowing all my money on new and interesting plants so that I can save for a new greenhouse.  Hmmmm, sounds like last year!


About hortophile

I am a very opinionated, slightly obsessed gardener with decades of experience in the retail nursery industry. A lucky resident of the "Wet Coast" of British Columbia I tread a muddy path between practicality and beauty, with my veggie patch, herb garden and fruits vying for position with the beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers that I can't resist. DON'T ask me to choose between them! I believe in environmental responsibility and common sense.
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3 Responses to New Year’s Garden Resolutions

  1. Well I am pretty sure I have NEVER known you to not buy new fun plants…so good luck with that one my friend 🙂 The weather today certainly isn’t motivating me to do anything…nasty…and you know what? In that pic, even your weeds look good, hehehe…Happy New Year Janis 🙂

  2. Well compromise is good 🙂

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