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Egg Farming

My New Garden Project for 2011 is almost complete!  I’m working on improving my food security, and to that end I decided a few chickens would be just the ticket, providing my family with fresh eggs and manure for my … Continue reading

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My Pea “W”

I’m always looking for the most efficient use of space in my vegetable garden – even though I have plenty of room in this big yard.  So I’ve come up with a pea trellis that works very well for me, … Continue reading

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Tomatoes in my Living Room

Just a few weeks ago when the first tomato plants began arriving at the garden centre I brought some home, potted them up into larger pots and settled them onto the windowsill in my living room. The east-facing windows in … Continue reading

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May 14 – World Naked Gardening Day!

No, I am not making this up!  Check it out here.  Where I live the weather forecast  for May 14th calls for clouds, showers and a high of 14 celsius – I think I’ll keep my clothes on! This does, … Continue reading

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Spring Ephemerals

Some of my favourite plants are spring ephemerals.  They remind me of playing outside as a child, discovering magical scenes where boulders blanketed in lush green mosses rest beneath as yet unleafed oak and maple trees, and the most delicate … Continue reading

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Planting Kohlrabi

Well, I sowed my Kohlrabi seed last week, it’s been so many years since I last grew it that I can’t remember exactly what I did before, but I seem to remember it was pretty easy to grow! So I … Continue reading

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