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Now Harvesting – Rasperries!

Following a late (but bumper!) crop of strawberries, I have three varieties of raspberries ripening.  And I think I’ll get a bumper crop of these too! Last year my raspberries were pitiful.  Tulameen, a July bearing variety, suffered root rot … Continue reading

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A Visit to Butchart Gardens

Last week I took a quick trip down to the city (Victoria) with my daughter to visit family and get some retail therapy.  We spent some quality time with the rellies, saw the final Harry Potter flick in 3D, and … Continue reading

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Kohlrabi is Delicious!

My Kohlrabi is finally growing well, so I decided to harvest the big one that germinated in the first sowing.  The globular part (modified stem?) was about 5″ across – larger than the recommended 2-3″ but the variety that I’m … Continue reading

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Growing Carrots – Thinning Carrots

Earlier this spring my post about growing carrots described my technique of sowing lots of carrot seed in a big block to achieve the highest yields from a small space.  This year’s crop is growing well, the tops are pillowing … Continue reading

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Tomatoes and Red Plastic Mulch

A while back I received a gift of red plastic mulch.  It’s supposed to increase yields by helping plants develop and ripen their fruit faster – something to do with reflecting a certain spectrum of light, which in turn triggers … Continue reading

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Blue Flowers

What is it about blue flowers that so many gardeners find irresistible?  It’s a common obsession in both neophyte gardeners and the most experienced horticulturists – David Tarrant is well-known to be fond of blue flowers, as am I. According … Continue reading

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My New Colorific Rose

They say the first step is admitting that you have a problem – well I certainly do – I’m a plantaholic!  I should probably find another job, one where I’m not constantly tempted by new and beautiful plants, like the … Continue reading

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Roses in July

Our unusually cold spring is over, and an unusually cold (so far) summer has begun.  My roses are just hitting their stride, with the first flush of blooms opening.  June is the customary month for first blooms, with the exception … Continue reading

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Swallowtail Butterfly

While I was taking pictures in the garden this afternoon I took a few shots of this lovely visitor… The Delphinium against my back fence are in full bloom, and the bumblebees, hummingbirds and butterflies are all over them.  This … Continue reading

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