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Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’

This striking variety of Black Eyed Susan is one of my favourite plants.  Discovered in 1937 by Heinrich Hagemann at Gebrueder Schuetz’s nursery in the Czech Republic and propagated by Karl Foerster of Potsdam, Germany, the début of Rudbeckia fulgida … Continue reading

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Early Fall in My New Garden

Here are a few photos of what’s happening in my new garden now… On the first day of Autumn, the Cyclamen neapolitanum appear… Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata cylindrica) looking beautiful A volunteer Rudbeckia hirta – gotta love those free plants! … Continue reading

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My Three Sisters Garden – Harvesting

I am going to declare my first Three Sisters Garden an unmitigated success.  Of course when you create a new garden by dumping two compost bins full of black gold in a sunny spot you are likely to be successful … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Craneflies

There is a rather creepy flying insect that appears in midsummer, bobbing and weaving like a drunken boxer and frightening entomophobes with its long spidery limbs and impressive wingspan.  The Cranefly must have earned this common name from its elongated, … Continue reading

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Triple Crown Blackberries

I’m harvesting a bumper crop of Triple Crown blackberries now; every day I pick a generous bowlful (probably 3-4 cups).  This extremely vigorous bramble is in its third season in my new garden, and I’m thankful that it’s completely thornless … Continue reading

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Peas in September

Sure, it’s nothing special to be picking sugar snap peas in September, but still picking from my spring planted crop?  It continues to be a bizarre year in my new garden! In fact, we are now experiencing a heat wave … Continue reading

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Dahlias in Bloom

The Dahlias in my garden are really hitting their stride, now that summer has begun its inexorable slide into autumn.  Here on the west coast, we often have a  dry and sunny fall, so I’m likely to enjoy their spectacular … Continue reading

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Happy Hens = Many Eggs!

If, as they say, happy hens lay more eggs, then my girls must be joyous!  Egg production has ramped up considerably, today I got 6 (from 6 hens).  Can’t expect any better than that! I recently screwed up my courage … Continue reading

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