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Pumpkin Puree

Lots of people grow pumpkins for Hallowe’en jack-o-lanterns, tasty seeds, or to enter in pumpkin contests, but you’ll get the best value out of your pumpkins if you make some homemade pumpkin purée. It’s easy, and you can use pumpkin … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Gardening…kinda

Guerrilla gardening is defined as gardening on land that doesn’t belong to you, whether public or private.  Some people do it to reclaim land from perceived neglect or misuse, some to provoke debate about land use and ownership, and some … Continue reading

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Cornus alternifolia – Pagoda Dogwood

In my back yard between the compost box and the wisteria arbour stands a Pagoda Dogwood, Cornus alternifolia.  This small tree is one of my favourite plants because it offers an understated beauty through several seasons. Native to the eastern … Continue reading

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Roses in November

This lovely fall weather has done more than give late raspberries for us to eat; we`re still admiring roses…in November! Even with a serious case of frostbite, the rose ‘Frau Dagmar Hastrupp’ manages to glow with ethereal beauty. Glossy new … Continue reading

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Raspberries in November

I’m pretty sure this is a personal best.  I went out to prune my raspberries the other day (the 5thto be exact) and found a small treasure…a few raspberries…in November! There were some red ones too in the Autumn Bliss … Continue reading

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Enkianthus Campanulatus ‘Red Bells’

Enkianthus campanulatus ‘Red Bells’ lives in my shade garden between a pair of sturdy rhododendrons.  I hope that one day it will provide them some shade, because here on the wet coast it can tolerate all the meagre sunshine we … Continue reading

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Natural Pest Control

Although I wouldn’t say that I’m an absolutely strictly organic gardener (I have been known to use synthetic products on occasion, sparingly) I’m certainly very conscientious about what I use, and prefer to employ natural pest control methods whenever possible. … Continue reading

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