Greenhouse Construction is Underway!

The first big job is done;  namely, the excavation of a largish hole and a deep ditch leading to the house that will tie the greenhouse drainage into the house drainage system and carry electrical services and piped water out to the greenhouse.  I hired a local company, Sawbuck Contracting and am very pleased with the work they did for us.  The foundation hole was dug with a standard Bobcat, and then they dug the ditch with this smaller piece of equipment.little digger

I’m sure that Richard from Sawbuck hears this all the time, but I love that little digger!  It looks like just what I need to do all the back-breaking work that comes with a gardening obsession.  Of course unless I win the lottery I can’t really justify the cost of buying one, but a girl can dream!

Greenhouse construction project - drainage

Men (and machine) at work

Greenhouse foundation hole

That’s a big hole – and way too much dirt for one man to dig and shift!

When we began making plans for greenhouse construction I told my husband that we should definitely hire someone with machinery to do this digging job. After he hand-dug my new garden last summer and injured his back in the process, I didn’t want him attempting this one.  At first he agreed, and then he said that he wanted to give it a go.  Fortunately, after removing the sods he realized how big of a job it was going to be so we called Sawbuck.  Yesterday, as they were finishing up, he told me that I should let my blog readers know that he was very grateful that he didn’t have to do all that digging – it would have taken months and probably re-injured him.

Now we can begin setting up the drainage system and bringing out services from the house before we form up and pour our foundation.  In the meantime I’ll do my best to avoid falling into the drainage ditch when I go out after dark to put my chooks away!

The chooks were nervous about all the noise

The chooks were nervous about all the noise


The bridge – that I will try to use each and every time…

I’m expecting delivery of the greenhouse itself next week but it will be going directly into my garage for storage.  I’m sure that despite a commitment to taking my time with this greenhouse construction project, once I have the greenhouse here I will be very motivated to get cracking on it. The thing is, with an incredibly busy spring looming I need to curb my enthusiasm – I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

greenhouse construction project

Ready for the next step


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3 Responses to Greenhouse Construction is Underway!

  1. Love it! I know you are excited!

  2. Looks great Janis. Richard is a sweetie isn’t he? I was really happy with the work he did for me 🙂

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