My Greenhouse Has Arrived

My beautiful new greenhouse has arrived, delivered by a very personable Russ Davis, agent for BC Greenhouse Builders.  I’m sure that Russ enjoys his job, delivering and building (yep, he does that too) these top quality structures for people like me who are probably all a-quiver with excitement when he shows up with their new toy.

My New Greenhouse

My New Greenhouse

For me, it will be a torturous wait for my greenhouse because I know that it’s going to be several months before it’s done.  For now, the bundles of aluminum frame, polycarbonate panels, door and all the other bits and pieces are tucked away in the garage.greenhouse bits and pieces

greenhouse bits and pieces

The giant hole where a building will one day sit is now more of a small lake than a building site, thanks to our typical west coast winter weather.  We have the drain pipe needed to begin site prep, but my husband refuses to work in the driving rain (can’t say that I blame him), plus he spent the last sunny weekend ferrying our eldest child off to the big city to begin his post-secondary education.  There goes my tech support…

Greenhouse Lake

Greenhouse Lake

The greenhouse comes with a detailed book of instructions and a video, which I watched right away and will probably watch a couple more times before construction commences.  It’s your basic ‘how-to’ instructional video, narrated quietly by Henry Heinen, owner of BC Greenhouse Builders.  Henry’s calm delivery of advice is peppered with gentle ribbing of the young men as they build a greenhouse that is the same size as the one I bought, though with glass instead of polycarbonate panels.  The tips he offers will, I’m sure, prove very useful.  Gems like, “If you think that you need to get out your hacksaw to make something fit properly, well, maybe you’d better give me a call” made me chuckle.  When he retires from the greenhouse business maybe he should consider a new career as sidekick to Canadian comedian Red Green.  At the very least he could probably improve RG’s handyman skills, because, as you know, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy”.red green

Hopefully the weather will improve soon and I will have some progress to report on my greenhouse construction project.


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I am a very opinionated, slightly obsessed gardener with decades of experience in the retail nursery industry. A lucky resident of the "Wet Coast" of British Columbia I tread a muddy path between practicality and beauty, with my veggie patch, herb garden and fruits vying for position with the beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers that I can't resist. DON'T ask me to choose between them! I believe in environmental responsibility and common sense.
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4 Responses to My Greenhouse Has Arrived

  1. Wow, that looks one big green house! I’m so jealous…

  2. Margie says:

    I could probably get excited again about gardening here in Alberta if I had a greenhouse!

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