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Compost Box Improvements!

A while ago (in 2010 actually!) I posted about my compost box, raving on about how much I love composting and how I enjoy producing ‘black gold’ that feeds my garden from the waste that many people throw away or … Continue reading

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Crop Rotation – It’s Only Common Sense!

Crop rotation is a fancy phrase for a simple concept, but many gardeners just don’t get it.  It’s not rocket surgery, just shift your veggie garden around each year so that you avoid growing the same things in the same … Continue reading

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My Three Sisters Garden – Harvesting

I am going to declare my first Three Sisters Garden an unmitigated success.  Of course when you create a new garden by dumping two compost bins full of black gold in a sunny spot you are likely to be successful … Continue reading

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My Three Sisters Garden

Due to an excess of almost finished compost, and the need to empty my compost box to make room for more material, I ended up with a new garden tucked into the space behind my little greenhouse.  It didn’t take … Continue reading

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Planting Kohlrabi

Well, I sowed my Kohlrabi seed last week, it’s been so many years since I last grew it that I can’t remember exactly what I did before, but I seem to remember it was pretty easy to grow! So I … Continue reading

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I love my compost box!

As I said last time, the first new garden construction project was my compost box.  This lovely three bin system keeps me supplied with nutritious compost to feed the vegetable garden, as well as topping up beds as needed. I … Continue reading

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Good Bones

The first winter after we moved into our home was a record-breaking cold and snowy season, so I had tons of time to plan my new garden.  In fact I was positively chafing at the bit as spring seemed to … Continue reading

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