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Vegetable Garden Plans for 2012

Here we go again; it’s time to make our vegetable garden plans for 2012.  Here’s hoping for a fantastic growing season that begins early and stretches far into the autumn.  Something along the lines of 2009, now that was a … Continue reading

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Roses in November

This lovely fall weather has done more than give late raspberries for us to eat; we`re still admiring roses…in November! Even with a serious case of frostbite, the rose ‘Frau Dagmar Hastrupp’ manages to glow with ethereal beauty. Glossy new … Continue reading

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A Season to Remember

When my husband and I are in our dotage, sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs, I’m sure I will turn to him and say, “Do you remember our new garden in the summer of 2009?  Wasn’t that just … Continue reading

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Next Steps…

The first spring and summer is a blur, and more heavy work than I had ever thought it would be.  Of course I was trying to establish my new garden without much more than a couple wheelbarrows and hand tools.  … Continue reading

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I love my compost box!

As I said last time, the first new garden construction project was my compost box.  This lovely three bin system keeps me supplied with nutritious compost to feed the vegetable garden, as well as topping up beds as needed. I … Continue reading

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Good Bones

The first winter after we moved into our home was a record-breaking cold and snowy season, so I had tons of time to plan my new garden.  In fact I was positively chafing at the bit as spring seemed to … Continue reading

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Soil….or dirt?

  In my day job as gardening guru I’m always telling people to spend their money first on the basics, and one of those is good soil.  You can’t expect to nourish an aspiring Olympic athlete on junk food; by … Continue reading

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