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Oh Painted Fern, Where Art Thou?

Sometimes my lackadaisical attitude to gardening and haste to ‘get things done’ backfires.  Last fall I engaged in a flurry of transplantation, shifting plants from one part of the garden to another for various reasons. Some, like a couple of … Continue reading

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Meconopsis baileyi – Himalayan Blue Poppy

  There is something almost magical about blue flowers, and one of the most beautiful, elusive and magical is the lovely Himalayan Blue Poppy – Meconopsis baileyi.  Many years ago I was thrilled by a great swath of Meconopsis blooming … Continue reading

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Blue Flowers

What is it about blue flowers that so many gardeners find irresistible?  It’s a common obsession in both neophyte gardeners and the most experienced horticulturists – David Tarrant is well-known to be fond of blue flowers, as am I. According … Continue reading

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Swallowtail Butterfly

While I was taking pictures in the garden this afternoon I took a few shots of this lovely visitor… The Delphinium against my back fence are in full bloom, and the bumblebees, hummingbirds and butterflies are all over them.  This … Continue reading

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