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How to Control Aphids

Every new season brings a parade of irate customers into the garden centre clutching little baggies, jars and plastic containers full of infested and diseased plant bits.  By far the most common insect we see is aphids.  Green aphids, black … Continue reading

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Crop Rotation – It’s Only Common Sense!

Crop rotation is a fancy phrase for a simple concept, but many gardeners just don’t get it.  It’s not rocket surgery, just shift your veggie garden around each year so that you avoid growing the same things in the same … Continue reading

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Rats in the Henhouse!

I thought that my pretty little henhouse was secure, but I was wrong.  Yesterday when I went out to gather eggs I noticed a couple of tunnels inside the run, and the chickens certainly didn’t dig them!  I have rats … Continue reading

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Natural Pest Control

Although I wouldn’t say that I’m an absolutely strictly organic gardener (I have been known to use synthetic products on occasion, sparingly) I’m certainly very conscientious about what I use, and prefer to employ natural pest control methods whenever possible. … Continue reading

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