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Greenhouse Construction Part Three

What a lovely spring we are having here on the west coast!  Beautiful BC indeed; mild temperatures, even a few record-breaking HOT days, interspersed with just enough rain to keep the garden happy, we have no complaints this year. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Free Plants!

As I mentioned in the previous post – I am a frugal gardener.  Actually, my frugality isn’t confined to gardening; it is an unbreakable habit, encompassing all aspects of my life, instilled in me by my thrifty Mother.  My daughter, … Continue reading

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Spring Ephemerals

Some of my favourite plants are spring ephemerals.  They remind me of playing outside as a child, discovering magical scenes where boulders blanketed in lush green mosses rest beneath as yet unleafed oak and maple trees, and the most delicate … Continue reading

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